What Is Motherhood?

Motherhood is coming together for the best interest of the child.

Motherhood is learning to let go of control.

Motherhood is kissing your children every time they’re close just because you can.

Motherhood is changing your whole life so your disabled child can have the best life.

Motherhood is putting on a brave face, and assuring your child everything will be okay, and then breaking down once they are taken back into the operating room.

Motherhood is giving up your body for years on end to provide the best care.

Motherhood is countless of sleepless nights.

Motherhood is taking in your friends children and nurturing them too.

Motherhood is an identity change.

Motherhood is needing friends who get how much your life has changed.

Motherhood is having to watch your child experience cancer without being able to rescue them.

Motherhood is often feeling totally helpless.

Motherhood is learning to love a new body.

Motherhood is sometimes raising them alone.

Motherhood is the biggest lifestyle change.

Motherhood is crayon on the counters, walls, and floors.

Motherhood is pouring out yourself every.single.day. knowing it may never be given back.

Motherhood is never being able to poo alone anymore.

Motherhood is putting off those home renovations to save the money and fly to China to get your baby.

Motherhood is being honest about needing advice.

Motherhood is rediscovering wonder.

Motherhood is saying “I love you” 100x a day.

Motherhood is pouring out earnest tears and countless hours of prayer for the wellbeing of your children.

Motherhood is loving your stretch marks because they remind you of baby kicks.

Motherhood is giving your whole life for orphans.

Motherhood is watching Elmo for years on end.

Motherhood is carrying your child to full term just to give her to another woman, so she can have the best life.

Motherhood is the woman who spends years in prayer while waiting for her child.

Motherhood is keeping your unplanned baby no matter the cost.

Motherhood is unconditional love.

Motherhood is keeping the unborn child’s life even if having to sacrifice your own.

Motherhood is sloppy wet kisses on the lips.

Motherhood is deeply loving the child that looks nothing like you but has all of you.

Motherhood is letting your house stay trashed because your sick kid wants you.

Motherhood is caring for your marriage first so your children can have the best example.

Motherhood doesn’t take breaks.

Motherhood is making everything into an adventure.

Motherhood will hold your hardest and most rewarding days.

Motherhood is selflessness.

Motherhood is loving someone so much that it hurts.

Motherhood is laughing over spilled milk.

Motherhood is a tiny human walking around in the world with your heart in his hands.

Motherhood is uncontainable joy and love.

Motherhood is daring to trust God.


Happiest Mother’s Day to those who give and give and give.
I pray from the riches of Gods glory, you would feel loved and valued this year, and that you would treasure all the moments.

“But Mary treasured up all these things (the miracle of Jesus), pondering them in her heart.”
Luke 2:19


And thank you to my best friends (who are also mothers) who helped me write this. You ladies make life richer. ♥

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