Does Waiting Seem Purposeless?

Another friendship broke apart.
Another rejected college application.
Another rejected job application.
Another serious break-up, with the one you thought would be “the one.”
Another pregnancy test in the trash can.
Another unanswered email regarding the baby you long to be in your arms.
All seemingly unanswered prayers.

The wait and transition stage to bring us to our dreams can often lead to despair and depression. We ask why God would place these deeply rooted desires in our hearts just to make us wait for them. We wonder how long it will take to get to our “promised land.” We question if God is truly faithful and will do what He has said. Did we hear wrong?

God is not bothered by waiting. His plans cannot be thwarted by any period of time, whether we think it is significant or not.

We see Joshua, a man who had to wait 40 years in the wilderness, just to get the land that God had already promised him. What a faithful and determined man. Joshua had to wait in humble preparation to lead. He faithfully served as Moses’ servant for years.

From the beginning of the book of Joshua, we see God reaffirm his word over and over again. Twice in the first chapter, God spoke to Joshua and said: “be strong and courageous”; once being through Himself, and another time through the people (Joshua 1:9, & verse 18). We see this theme being reiterated because God knew that Joshua would need strength and courage to defeat the enemies in the land, deal with the disobedience of the people, and overcome the struggles within himself.

Joshua’s Obedience to Wait

In Joshua 1:11, Joshua commands the people: “…Get provisions ready for yourselves, for within three days you will be crossing the Jordan to go in and take possession of the land the Lord your God is giving you to inherit.”

Joshua chose to make the people wait, to be prepared for the conquering of Jericho.

We see Gods miraculous hand in the wait that Joshua commanded because it’s in that time frame that Joshua sent two spies to scout out Jericho. While those two spies were looking throughout the land, they came to a prostitute named Rahab. Rahab feared God, believed in him and kept the spies safe while the King was looking for them in the city. Rahab is one of the few women named in the family line of Jesus. Her risk to be known by God has made her known for all eternity. Through Rahab’s lineage, Jesus came. ♥
The story of Rahab is beautiful, and I could write a whole post about that, but that’s not the purpose of this specific blog post.

Because of Joshua’s willingness to wait Rahab’s life was saved.

God had a purpose for Joshua’s wait.

My point is this: we are not God, and our thoughts are not His thoughts. His timing has been planned from the beginning, and although sometimes the wait is painful and heartbreaking, we cannot know what the purpose to that wait is.

“‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the LORD.”
Isaiah 55:8

A Season of Waiting

Are you in a season of waiting?

Dear sister, do not resent the wait. Do not grow angry with God for not giving you what you want when you want it.

I cannot answer if your consistent closed doors mean to move on to something else, only you can seek that answer by prayer and fasting.

What I do know is you are in the company of many saints who heartbreakingly waited as well.

Abraham and Sarah waited for Isaac.
Moses waited for the Promised Land.
King David waited for the crown.
We are waiting and longing for the return of Jesus.

Your waiting may seem pointless at this moment, but do not allow the enemy to plant lies that God is not good or does not want good things for you. God is working something out in your waiting, the same way He saved Rahab in Joshua’s waiting.

Joshua’s wait had a purpose, and so does yours.


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