New York City in 72 Hours!

I’m not a travel blogger.

I’m an inspirational blogger.

This post is to inspire you to live it up, have some fun, and travel to NYC!

My husband and I decided to do things a little differently this past Christmas. We purchased each other NO gifts but instead took a 72-hour vacation to New York City… BABY FREE!

This was the first flight we’ve taken together since our honeymoon (4 years ago). It was the longest time we’ve been away from our children! AND, it was my husband’s first time EVER visiting NYC!

Naturally, we went BUCK WILD!

We slept in until 9 (most days) and stayed out until 2/3am. I know, we were WILD ANIMALS! 😉

Here’s a re-cap of what we did, where we went, and what we recommend if you find yourself in the “city that never sleeps” for 72 hours.

Our plane landed around 6 pm, so that’s where this blogging trip begins for you.

  • Day 1!

  • We stayed at the Avalon Hotel, near the Empire State Building. It had great customer service, and the rooms were super cozy and clean! I’d definitely stay there again.
    Once we dropped off our luggage, we (really just me) got prettied up and went out to dinner.
  • Dinner:
  • Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse
  • This place was so fun! Definitely a more “authentic” New York experience. My husband said it was his favorite place we went the WHOLE trip because of the atmosphere and experience.
    For a drink, order a Manhattan. Seems fitting right? My point. 😉
  • And get the Canadian Bacon for the appetizer.

We ended the night at this AMAZING Rooftop Bar:
Cloud Social Rooftop Bar
The view was incredibleeeeeee. And since we went in December, and it was actually FREEZING, they had these really igloo bubbles. It was a blast, and I highly recommend it!

Day 2!

We woke up to SNOW FALLING!

I prayed leading up to the trip that I would see snowfall because I had never seen it fall before!
Well, the Lord answered my prayers!

We got breakfast at this restaurant:
Balthazar Restaurant
We ordered eggs benedict and mimosas! It was so good. If you don’t like the price tag of the restaurant, there is a little bakery right next door that’s much cheaper and ABSOLUTELY adorable!

We then proceeded to the Chelsea District since it wasn’t far.
We took a stroll through the Chelsea Market, where my husband got a yummy lobster roll, and we found the most HEAVENLY DONUTS I’VE EVER HAD:
We got the pistachio and sugar ones. I’m fairly certain I bit into a cloud, and then a little bit of heaven rained in my mouth! They were my favorite things the ENTIRE trip!!!
I’m truly angry that Orlando doesn’t have them. Walt Disney World has nothing on Doughnuttery. 😉

The Empire State Building was next on our things to do.
This was my 3rd trip to NYC, and surprisingly I had never been to the Empire State Building. I know a lot of people say that Top Of The Rock is better, but I REALLY enjoyed seeing the Empire State Building. We went at sunset, and I had allllllllll the feels. It felt super romantic
My husband and I have been talking about going to NYC together since we’ve been together, it’s one of those dreams we wanted to scratch off. So, when we were at the top of that building, it felt like we were living out that dream.


It was magical, sappy, dreamy, and all sorts of perfect.

To finish the day we stopped off at the Rockefeller Center and saw the Christmas Tree!
Then we went to the iconic Times Square, so my husband could take in all the fantastic advertisements (he’s a marketing consultant).

And then we went to:
The R Lounge at the Renaissance Hotel in Times Square!
This place was sooooooo fun! We just got appetizers, drinks, an argument (that we resolved. lol) and alllll the romantic feels until we were tired enough to leave at 1 am. Wild wild wild. Haha!

Day 3!

Our last FULL day! This day was dedicated to romance and affection. Lol, but seriously. My love language is affection, so I wanted to get AS MUCH as I could from my Hubby before we had to head home to normal chaotic life.

We woke up too late to get breakfast, so we headed for lunch at a restaurant in a hotel overlooking Central Park. I can’t remember what it was, but it wasn’t anything I’d brag and write about.
If you’re in the mood for lunch and in Central Park go here:
Tavern On The Green
It was closed for a private event when we got there, but it’s absolutely adorable and has amazing reviews. We will definitely go there if we ever get the chance again.

We did end up doing a super cute carriage ride through Central Park. The driver was the best, which was a blessing. The driver had a blanket for us to keep warm while we went through the park, so if you’re a germophobe, don’t bother going during the winter. Haha

This part was definitely one of my favorites, though, because I didn’t have to do any walking and Nick and I just got to enjoy each others company. One of those moments I’ll treasure for a lifetime. ♥

After Central Park, we headed to little Italy and went to the famous:
Lombardi’s Pizza
I LOVE their pizza, and would definitely recommend it as well.

From there we went back to the hotel to get ready for our spectacular evening seeing:
The Radio City Rockettes
It’s a really famous Broadway that happens during Christmas time. Super Super fun!

And then we finished at another rooftop bar:
Bar 54

This day was my favorite day of them all. ♥♥♥

Day 4!

After getting breakfast at a little diner by Grand Central Station, we went and visited the station. We just walked around and got coffee and then left.

By this point in our trip, we were both tired of spending money. So, we called an Uber and headed to the airport.

This was indeed a rich rich trip. I am so thankful that God has provided the resources for us to be able to do something like it.

My next big dream trip is visiting PARIS!

Where do you dream of vacationing one day?


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