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Blog photoshoot



I’ve been really excited to write this post, mostly because I get to show off some AWESOME photography by my sweet friend, Erika with Erika Lauren Photography! Hair and makeup styled by my favorite Orlando Stylist, Shanna Millar <3

Photoshoot in coffee shop. View through window
BUT also, because I’ve been really wanting to write about the heart behind sweet little Crumbs & Glamour.

I’ve always had somewhat of an interest in writing. Other than chorus, writing was the only class that I (somewhat) enjoyed in school. I never thought of myself as much of a “creative” per-say, but I’ve been proving myself wrong these days with the ability to create in writing!

Naturally, this blog has turned into a huge outlet for me to be creative, I didn’t realize what my life was missing until I started this little gem <3

But, truly the heart of every effort I’ve poured into Crumbs & Glamour has been so more women can live in victory!

This blog has been a brewing process for me, for years, but there were a couple of things that made something I had never considered (like writing) come alive within me.

This blog was birthed out of 2 things:

  1. 1. My struggle through depression and anxiety.
  2. Although, I dealt with postpartum depression, my experience with depression was the same as those who deal with chronic depression. Typical postpartum depression only lasts a couple of months, but mine lasted much longer than that, and the struggle ran deep enough to where I needed to receive medical help. I believe God let me deal with struggle longer than normal because it gave me a glimpse into a struggle so so so many people deal with. I am now able to identify and empathize with someone, where in past years I would have never been able to understand. And my typical advice to someone dealing with depression or anxiety was to just get over it. Now, I see things completed differently.
  3. Struggling with depression and anxiety (something I’m still having to work through), left an impression on my heart for the better. I’m a different woman now because of that.

This blog is my platform to reach those dealing with depression and anxiety.
Friend, if that’s your struggle, you’re not alone. I feel you, and I hear you.

Photoshoot pictures

  1. 2. Wanting women to grow in grace for themselves.
    Since Pinterest showed its beautiful face to the world, I’ve felt this underlying pressure to be something that I’m not. To appear like I’ve got everything together. But life just isn’t like that. And then couple that pressure with the lack of energy from being depressed and anxious all the time, I felt like I was being suffocated.
    I hate DIY crafts. But felt this stupid pressure to make sure ever party I ever threw looked like it came straight from a magazine.
    I dislike cooking. But I felt guilt to cook something like a 5-star meal to post on the Instagram.
    I don’t have enough money to buy everything that looks pretty on someone else. And even if I did, my body doesn’t look like those pretty women all over the internet.
I felt like I was being strangled into fake-ness.

But that’s not me. And I don’t want to be fake.Blogger photoshoot. Love the style!

My manners are sadly sub par.
My tummy hangs over my jeans.
I can be quite awkward in getting pictures taken of myself. *I was actually drinking wine in that mug ↑ for the shoot, so I’d loosen up a bit… it helped. Ha! →
I say what I think probably too much.
I invite myself to events, even if the invite wasn’t extended my way.
I look seriously stupid in workout class (I’ve actually fallen down during the class, WHILE I WAS PREGGO).

You see, I’m just your average woman. Ha! And I had to learn to let go of stupid/unrealistic standards, or ideologies. I had to be me.

But as I was struggling through the season of depression and anxiety, a new dream was birthed within my heart. I had felt so alone through these struggles, of depression, anxiety, and insecurity. And now that I am confidently thriving as the woman who God designed me to be, I am directing my energy to help other women be true to themselves!

My goal is to inspire women to live authentic and fearless lives! I want to see more women live in freedom.

Our culture is suffocating women to be who they’re not. It’s trying to shove us into this tiny little square of what the “ideal” woman is supposed to look like! We have all been made differently, and if we want to see this world become a brighter place for the next generation, then we have to start by being the person we were Designed to be. Do you catch my drift?

The world needs YOU, my friend.

Just the real and raw YOU.

So, I hope you join me on this fun ride.
Together we can make the world a little more beautiful.


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