About Me

What is a fun-loving, free spirited, extreme extrovert, supposed to do when she becomes a stay at home mom, while dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety? Blog.

That’s what she’s gonna do…. Start a blog.


Hello, I’m Amaris! The name rhymes with glamorous, and I’m often called “Glam”. Born in a small town about two hours south of Orlando… but was raised in the “City Beautiful” Orlando, Florida! Orlando is my city!

Blissfully married to my best friend, Nick.

Surviving and thriving in parenthood with our two little sweeties.

Passionate lover of Jesus and my local church – Northwest Church (www.northwestorlando.com)

I’ve been a Stay At Home Momma (or SAHM) since my first was born. I’ve been coping with depression and anxiety for a long time without knowing, but after my daughter was born, I finally connected the dots and got help for it. Being a depressed and anxious SAHM has been really challenging for me, but mostly, incredibly lonely.

In this seemingly long season I’ve been in, I’ve found that the more I encourage and help other women, the less I’m consumed with all my difficulties.

So I’m here to be a support for ANYONE that needs someone. Maybe you need a laugh, some encouragement, or someone to identify with, or maybe you just want to read about my dirt… whatever is your reason, I’m okay with it.

AND… if you do find yourself wanting someone to talk with please feel free to message me. I do a lot of mentoring, and I myself am mentored, and sometimes you just need to feel like someone is there for you.

Let me be there for you.

Life, and our culture, has made things very hard for women and girls… with unattainable standards, yet constantly feeling pressured to meet a bar that no one is actually meeting (although, a lot pretend to)…

I want women to know:

You are enough.
You are worth it.
And you can do it.

I’m an incredibly honest and open person, I’m not one to pretend to be something that I’m not.

So, join me for some raw, real, and (hopefully) humorous reading!


Glam <3